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Calibre Taxi Club provides solutions for all your Taxi and Rideshare Insurance. With assurance costs on the rise, there was a dire need for affordable risk protection for automobiles and drivers alike. Our vast experience in this field comes to the benefit of all club members. As a member, we ensure that your vehicle always stays on-road. When required, we put our expertise in use to bring back your car on the road as early as possible.

We have great taxi insurance deals available for experienced public hire and private hire taxi drivers. We are experts in taxi insurance and now you can get a taxi insurance quotes by calling us at (03) 1234 5678.

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We have a wealth of insurance experience in a diverse range of industry categories and we invite you to make the most of our knowledge and expertise and call us for quotations and advice on. Our experience means that we understand the Insurance requirements and constraints of the Taxi Industry and recognise the covers and benefits that matter.


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We listen to you and understand your individual circumstances so we can provide insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs.


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Our clients rely on us to safeguard their businesses. That’s why we take pride, privilege, and care guiding them through the complex world of insurance to the best coverage for their needs.


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When claim time comes, we fight for fair. Since we work for you – not the insurer – you can be sure that we’re advocating for the best on your behalf.

What Taxi Cover is Available?

Third Party Insurance

Third Party Property Damage Insurance is a type of car insurance that gives you a basic level of cover for damage caused by your car to another person’s vehicle or property.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance, helps to protect your business in the event a claim for compensation is brought against you by a Third Party for injury or damage arising out of the course of your business.

Our team is trusted by many clients to handle their insurance coverage for years. Our brokers will take the time to learn about and understand your business so we can recommend the cover that best suit your needs.

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