Chauffeur Car Cover

Reliable Chauffeur Car Cover in Keysborough and Melbourne

Chauffeurs are a good alternative for individuals who wish to avoid driving themselves. Maybe you are new to the city; you are still learning to drive; or you simply wish to avoid driving long distances. No matter the reason, chauffeur driven cars for hire are the perfect choice.

Taxi companies that offer such services need to get quality chauffeur car cover for their vehicles. As their drivers chauffeur customers in cities like Melbourne or across towns, having an cover that covers the vehicle, driver and passengers is desirable. It not only provides a peace of mind to the owners and drivers, but to the passengers as well. Calibre Taxi Club offers premium cover for chauffeur cars in Melbourne that have some of the best features at the most affordable rates.

Our Cover for Chauffeur Cars in Keysborough and Melbourne

We offer very interesting and intuitive experiences to our clients by offering products that are specifically designed as per their requirements. This implies that you will always get premium benefits, extra rewards and optional extras that will enhance the safety and reliability of your chauffeur services.

  • New car replacement - We will make sure to replace your car with a new one if yours has been damaged under conditions specified by our policy.
  • Personal item - We will also be able to cover some amount of your personal expenses while travelling with our chauffeur direct cover.
  • Reliable service - Chauffeur cars in Melbourne can get our cover and completely rely on our team for comprehensive support. Being one of the best service providers for cover for chauffeur cars in Australia, we always consider your requirements first.
  • No claim reward - Do you feel like wasting your money on chauffeur car cover in case you do not face any mishaps or accidents? In such cases, we will provide you with a reward with a well-deserved reduction on your plan!

Do I Need Chauffeur Cover?

Most chauffeur service providers in Keysborough and Melbourne are opting to insure their cars as well as the drivers. This is recommended so that you are properly covered in case of any injury to the driver or damage to your property. Conditions of the road can change in seconds and accidents may be just round the corner. It is far better to be prepared than to regret later. Getting a chauffeur direct cover also boosts driver confidence and passenger comfort.

What Does Calibre Taxi Club Chauffeur Cover Cover?

As one of the leading providers of cover for chauffeur cars, Calibre Taxi Club offers some of the most comprehensive cover packages . Some aspects of our high-quality services include:

  • Rewarding safe drivers - We award safe drivers who are not involved in any accidents or mishaps with better cover policies.
  • We are 100% loyal - Loyalty means everything to us. We will always have your back in every situation. This is the reason why our policyholders continue to rely on us.
  • Quick quotes - We provide you our quotes for chauffeur driven cars for hire on the spot. Our team will get in touch with you at the earliest to avoid any delays.
  • Covers you and your family - We know families are the most important thing for drivers. Hence, we include benefits for their family members too.

We have a wide range of cover programs for chauffeured vehicles with the latest models and the best benefits. When you choose us, you can enjoy features not offered by any other service provider in the market. Our excellent customer services will let you get in touch with us instantly without any hassle.

Why Should I Get Chauffeur Cover?

Whether you are being driven through the streets of Melbourne or are enjoying the views of Keysborough, Calibre Taxi Club’s comprehensive chauffeur car cover will always keep you covered. From covering your legal liabilities and accidental damage to any injuries  or damage by storm, theft or fire, our policies offer the best value for your money. In certain cases, we also provide you with a brand new vehicle replacement if it is covered under our program and abides by our terms and conditions.

So if you are still confused about whether you should get our cover or not, we recommend you compare our policies with other service providers. We can assure you that our services will definitely be one of the best! Our team will happily provide complete information about our policies to you. To get in touch with our team, call us on 03 9112 5550 or write to us at


What is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur?
A driver is a professional who can operate any motor vehicle, whereas a chauffeur is someone who will look after the needs of the passengers while operating the motor vehicle. In most cases, a chauffeur must be a licensed professional.
Do I need a licence to be a chauffeur?
Yes, it is important to have a licence to be a chauffeur in Australia. You need to have all the relevant expertise and skills to provide the right assistance to the passengers along with driving with complete safety.
Are there cancellation charges for pre-car booking?
For your flexibility and convenience, we offer free as well as charged cancellation for our policyholders.