Private Hire Vehicle Cover

Top Rated Private Hire Vehicle Cover Service in Melbourne

Private hire vehicle cover has become one of the most important cover plans to safeguard a vehicle and offer maximum benefits to the driver in the long term. There are endless programs and policies that car owners can choose from depending on the requirements. With Calibre Taxi Club, you get the support of top professionals who will help you sort through the best private hire taxi covers and find the perfect one for you..

What Is Private Hire Cover?

Private hire car cover is a legal requirement for every personal hire vehicle driver in Australia who picks up passengers that pre-book cabs or taxis. Commercial private hire vehicle cover ensures that the vehicle and driver are protected against any potential accidents and mishaps on the road. These cover covers usually come in three categories - comprehensive, third-party and others, and third-party only.

What Does Private Hire Cover Include?

Private hire vehicles are immensely helpful to transport passengers from one place to another. The only difference that you will come across between taxi cover and private hire taxi cover is that these drivers can only pick up passengers that have pre-booked through a specified medium like an app. Such taxis will not be covered by the cover should they pick up fares directly from the street.

Many reputed brands are offering private hire care cover services today. While services will definitely differ from one brand to the other, there are a few set categories that are common amongst them all.

  • Comprehensive - This type of cover covers the expenses of your taxi damage, whether it is your fault or not. You will also be provided with the cover benefits in case of fire, theft or vandalism. If you choose comprehensive cover, you will be protected all the time as a driver.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft - With third-party coverage, the cost of repairs to another vehicle in case you are at fault for any damage will be covered. You will also be protected against other claims such as compensation for your injuries or various kinds of damages.
  • Third-Party Only - This is a great and sheep private hire vehicle cover in Melbourne that covers you in case any damage or injury to a third party property, person or vehicle happens because of you. It also includes the cost of treatment of your passengers’ injuries.

Why choose Calibre Taxi Club?

At Calibre Taxi Club, we have a team of experts who can help you find an extensive range of quotes for private hire vehicle cover. We offer you complete liberty to compare and see which policy suits your requirements best. You will not only be able to get the support of our company at the time of need but you will get comprehensive assistance from our professionals when it comes to protecting your vehicle. We are solely focused on providing the best private hire taxi cover in Keysborough and Melbourne. We always strive to be better than others in the market!

  • We offer the most extensive benefits with our cover that can never be matched
  • We focus on quick resolutions as we understand the value of your time
  • We primarily invest in technology as it is important for us to make it easier for you to manage your policies
  • Our team has one of the best customer renewal rates in the market
  • We have a great track record in offering great prices for commercial private hire vehicle cover
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  • We stay updated on the latest trends in the industry to keep you well informed
  • We operate 24/7 for you to get instant claim support from our team.

We have been looking after taxi drivers across Australia for a very long period of time. It is our job to protect our client’s assets in case of any mishaps. So if driving is your livelihood and you always want to keep your vehicle on the road, then we recommend that you get in touch with our experts for the best private hire taxi cover. Call us on 03 9112 5550 or drop us a mail at Our support team will be in touch with you at the earliest


Who needs private hire cover?
Private hire car cover offers a comprehensive cover for taxi drivers who work on a pre-booked status. This kind of cover policies are perfect for drivers using pre-book apps.
Is it compulsory for taxi drivers to have private hire cover?
No, it is not compulsory for all taxi and cab drivers to have private hire cover.
How do I know which policy I need?
Since there are many policies available for private hire car cover, it is recommended that you get in touch with our professionals. If you work on a pre-booked system then you should go for private hire cover; whereas there are other policies also such as public hire cover and taxi fleet cover.